Bluestone News

Streamlined Identity checks

Our Identification checks are now being carried out electronically, which means there is no longer a mandatory requirement to send in Proof of Identity and Proof of Address documentation for each case you submit via Bluelink*.

This streamlined approach will save you and your customers time, and it will allow us to review applications more efficiently.

We're now also happy to accept photocopied or scanned supporting documentation. This change will save your customer from carrying out any certification, which can sometimes result in charges, making the process cheaper and quicker for your client.

*We reserve the right to request Identification documentation when necessary.

Help us to help you

We want you to receive the highest quality of service throughout the mortgage application process. Please help us to help you by uploading all the documents listed in the checklist on Bluelink and ensure they cover the required period and are in the correct order.

We've also created a range of packaging guides which detail what is typically required for each scenario.

You can download them here.

If you have any questions please contact your BDM or call the Lending team on 
0800 368 1833.