Our business partners

We’ve been providing collection services to the consumer, commercial credit and utility market place for over 40 years.  Our flexible approach means we can help you if you need a complete one stop shop or select services. 

Banking, Finance & Insurance

- Experienced in working in a tightly regulated environment
- Customer rehabilitation and engagement programmes
- Consumer and commercial strategies
- Early arrears to late stage collection services
- Integrated trace, legal and specialised field services  
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Public Sector

- Integrity and confidentiality are integral to offering
- Experience in business and individual debt types
- Strategies to work to annually billed collection timelines
- Experience in managing sensitive cases
- Customer experience and TCF at the heart of our approach.
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Motor Finance

- Experience in working in tightly regulated environment
- Early arrears management and “white label” servicing
- Specialist and appointed customer engagement visits
- Shortfall and end of contract recoveries
- Pre-litigation data gathering  
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Utilities & Telecoms

- Residential and commercial collection expertise
- Live and final cases managed
- Early live arrears managed directly through to PDV/PWV
- Final debt managed on COT, COO and COS debt types
- Data gathering for government related payment schemes  
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