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The FCA Calls for Lenders to Support Vulnerable Customers

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Posted By: Bluestone Credit Management

Posted: 08th November 2022

On June 16th, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which regulates financial services in the UK, wrote to more than 3,500 lenders, reminding them of the standards they should meet as people across the country struggle with the rising cost of living.

Within the letter, the regulator noted, “With household bills expected to continue to rise into the autumn, it is important that firms act now to make sure borrowers struggling with payments and customers in vulnerable circumstances can access the help they need.”

As a business, Bluestone Credit Management is committed to providing resources to help people struggling with their finances. Help is available at the Support Centre on our website and includes access to a broad range of independent advice services.

Reflecting on the FCA’s call for action, Bluestone Credit Management’s Managing Director Deborah Stokes notes, “We have a well-established history of helping people resolve financial issues in a caring, personal way. Part of this success has been about signposting people to independent resources that can help and about which people may not be aware.

We know the increasing financial challenges that many people from all walks of life face. We cannot stress enough the importance of taking early action to address financial issues before they spiral. Contacting lenders and the type of independent advisors we list on our website can often help and help ease the financial and emotional burdens people are experiencing.”


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