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The Rising Cost of Utilities Don’t Suffer in Silence

Posted By: Bluestone Credit Management

Posted: 11th April 2022

Working at the frontline of helping people work to address debt issues, we know very well the challenges people are feeling right now. It is essential to highlight that while we want to help people resolve debt, we want to do it affordably and sustainably.

The people we help are often surprised by our listening approach, as we seek to understand peoples’ circumstances, working with them to find a way forward. Right now the cost of living is increasing, particularly the dramatic rise in utility costs which people may never have experienced. We cannot just make debt disappear, but in common with other similar companies, we are not here to add to peoples’ burdens and are happy to signpost help.

For people struggling to pay for energy or who think they may get into difficulty, contact your supplier (opens in new tab). Additionally, the Government’s financial help site, Money Helper (opens in new tab) has a range of support options it can direct people towards for assistance.

Daily, small steps can help make a difference in peoples’ finances. Every penny can be a prisoner. The last few weeks have seen numerous utility money saving ideas, including;

  • Switch a plug off at the wall when a device isn’t in use. Research by Uswitch found that households waste £227m by leaving appliances on standby.
  • Energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances can light your home using the same amount of light for less money and help lower your emissions.
  • Washing clothes at high temperatures isn’t always necessary; washing at 30 degrees can be just as effective as a 40 degrees wash.
  • Draft proofing homes
  • Turning a thermostat down a degree

We don’t profess to be money saving gurus, but if we were talking to someone struggling with their bills, and we do all the time, we would always encourage them to seek help. It may not be the common perception of people in our line of work, but in reality, debt collection is a highly regulated sector. At Bluestone, our focus is always on delivering good outcomes for our customers, and that means working one to one with people to resolve debt affordably and in a caring manner. The rising costs of utilities is a hurdle we hope to help people to clear.


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